Wednesday, 15 July 2015

if the biggest was the fullest

aaaa. the world is so strange! there are very big countries that are almost empty and small countries so full of people... this human density is a real big deal!
why there are more population in Bangladesh than in the whole Russia, the biggest place in the world?
of course there are a lot of very reasonable explanations about this subject, but I simply don't care! hehe
I want to think about a planet in which the biggest country should be also the most populated! and the smallest country the least populated!
wanna watch the result?
here it goes:

why doing such a thing?
some interesting ideas can be found: for example, you can see that sometimes a very big country corresponds to a population of a very small place. that strange asymmetry between what we are expecting to read and what is really written is interesting indeed.
this map has got a better uniformity between sizes and populations and all the countries now present a similar density (not the same, but similar).
who cares if lybia and algeria contain geographically almost completely desert lands? the first intuitive relations between sizes and populations can give us a shocking information: for example philippines are associated to greenland! a very big piece of land! and indonesia is now the U.S.A. cause the fourth country in size (USA) must now be also the fourth most populated nation in the world (indonesia)!
so, this is the game. nothing more:
here you have a more detailed map in order to better analyse this strange case of a world with a similar density per country...

Brazil is always Brazil...

have you notices that Canada and Afghanistan now are not that different in sizes...?

Nigeria is not that small near to the U.S.A.

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