Friday 22 August 2014


after entering the post called "mundo real" two days ago I noticed some potentiality of the areas of the tectonic plates in our planet. indeed the tectonic plates are always represented the same way: lines crossing lands and oceans showing the real division of the skin of our planet.
something like these images:


but how would it be a world in which the political division of the countries would exactly overlap the tectonic plates of the continent?
here you have the answer:

this is the tectonic division of the world in political terms!
if someone is interested to have a better quality you can have one clicking here or if you prefer just write to me to my e-mail address and I will provide you a better jpeg file.

as you can notice there are very interesting situations! for example:
mediterranean sea and africa:
part of sicily is africa indeed. some small states are the adriatica, greece, tuekey and southern persia.
all the middle east coast is part of africa, and western africa is a separate state.

japan and western pacific:
japan conquered some northern lands but also lost some  territories: the western japanese coasts are now part of manchuria, with vladivostok as its capital, and also a town immediately on the south of tokyo is now part of micronesia. west philippines and east philippines are conquering islands on the south and papua new guinea is now split in several parts: north papua, east papua, central papua, east philippines and australia. 

north america is expanding from siberia to iceland, from greenland to mexico, but in the caribbean sea there are lot of new situations: a mesoamerican confederation, the great panama, maracaibo republic, small venezuela, small colombia, the empire of galapagos and the bolivarian republic of the altoplano.

sothern asia:
also southern asia has lot of differences: india takes part of pakistan and bangladesh, but loses all the norhtern montains. burma, laos, malaysia, indonesia and china still survives but with very different shapes!
there's also a new kingdom: the kingdom of sulawesi!

nice don't you think??
and just because I like to make it perfect, you can also have the same image but represented with america in the middle. just click upon the image preview or, if you want a bigger version click here!

so, now, which is your tectonic plate?

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