Saturday, 21 March 2015

indo-european migrations

Finally I finished it!
as I explained in a previous post of the blog, I was working in a graphical evolution of the Indo-Europeans in Europe, and finally I did it!

the image you see isn't complete, I'm still managing to make a high quality complete gif image, but if you go below you're going to see a video of the Indo-European migrations and their language geographical evolution in Europe from 3500 b.c. up to the present according to the main historical theories about this people.
every frame represents 50 years.
this work was made after a very deep analysis about the Indo-Europeans people: the period in which the different language branches separate, the position these people covered during every period, the moment in which they split and enter a region or another one.
entering the historical period I tried to be as accurate as possible, considering all the main historical events that influences the evolution of the language families.
If you notice you can recognize several historical events just following the evolution of the language areas: the roman empire, the Attila's invasion and the barbarian migrations, the islamic conquest, the reconquista in spain, the slavization of the bulgars, the arrival of the turks, the hungars that gained their position in europe, the raise of russian empire, vikings, the colonization, the crusades, the golden horde, the world wars... all these are just part of all the influences that I tried to rebuild in this indo-european language evolution.

a better version of the video can be watched in vimeo: INDO-EUROPEAN MIGRATIONS

one of the beautiful things of this graphical sequence of languages in time it's the appearance of the people and languages as they were liquids, fluids, flowing from a place to another, mixing themselves, contaminating, uniting, and creating new colours...
people in history are like water streams.
for this reason borders have no meaning at all!
people flow

you can also find a better version of the same video here in this link: INDO-EUROPEANS FLOW

as I already told you, I'm still working to create a series of good quality animated gif images moving with several speeds.
the maximum number of frame I can upload at the moment is 100 hq frames. for this reason at the moment I can just show animated gif images that are starting from 2900 b.c. and not from the the real beginning of the sequence (3500 b.c).
we are losing 6 centuries of history! hehe
anyway if you are interested in having a look to these gif images just select one of this links:
- Indo-Europeans migrations SLOW
- Indo-Europeans migrations MEDIUM
- Indo-Europeans migrations FAST
- Indo-Europeans migrations FASTER

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