Friday, 21 March 2014

genetic solution to the overpopulation

in order to solve the problem of the overpopulation of the world and all the problems related to that (the end of resources, food lack, pollution of the planet, new land for dwelling, and so on), I have a new idea!
it's the genetic reduction of human size!!
finally the easy solution for anything! haha!
if you succeed in decreasing human size of 5 times in a few generations you'll implement of 5 times our planet!
you have 5 times more the lands to live and cultivate, 5 times more the food to eat, 5 times more the water to drink, 5 times less the pollution!!
genial solution! so, what are we waiting for? let's reduce our dimensions from 1,80 cm to 35 cm! and let's live in peace again without problems!

hey, but watch out! beware of the cats! ok?

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