Saturday, 8 March 2014

space proportions

nothing new: just a visualization of well known data about our planet and the outer space.
this is the representation of a small part of out planet surface and over it you can see the real dimensions of the highest mountain on the planet surface, the deepest point on the bottom of the oceans, the average depth of the ocean and above all this all the main informations about stuffs on the heights over our heads...

in my opinion it's always amazing to notice how small it's our biggest mountain and how flat it's the surface of our oceans... it's also quite interesting to notice how far they're pushing the satellites on the sky.
this second image it's exactly the same than the previous one, but with a wider point of view, in order to have a better sense of proportions of all these things:

ok, this is all the most important about the stuffs orbiting near our planet, but what about the distance of our natural satellite, the moon? here you have the image that represents the real distance and proportion of the moon in comparison with our planet. quite far, indeed.

quite a long scroll, isn't it?
but if you prefer you can also visualize it like this....

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