Wednesday 21 May 2014

circle eye

this is a strange object I found some year ago inside one of my dreams.
real dreams I mean, I was sleeping.
it was in a desert where I found a strange construction made by metal circles nailed to the soil.
I was by their sides and it was easy to reckon that they were placed in a decreasing series from the biggest (as big as me) to the smallest (something like 20 cm of diameter).
it was a sort of inverse telescope cut in slides.
the only peculiarity was the position of 2 circles in the end of the series: they had an offset, one was slightly moved upwards and the other one was slipped downwards like in this drawing

so I slowly moved in front of the series of circles to watch inside it because the concentric composition brought me to do it.
and it was in that moment that I saw the geniality of this object!
the last hole was the only one you could see through and pointed to the horizon, all the circles made a sort of cone that projected my stare to that small point of light in the end of the last metal ring, but the wonderful thing was that the 2 offset rings created a sort of eye on the bottom of the cone, like this:

it was really amazing!
you were looking inside and wouldn't expect that such a simple structure could create such a powerful vision.
now I was looking to a sort of infinite spiral to a far light in the distance that was the horizon and pointing my attention to that final hole it was clear that a sort of metal eye was looking at me on the other side!

I think this is a very interesting sculpture!
I would like to make the ring my rusted steel and put them in a remote part of a desert. the final hole pointing the sunrise point (maybe the sunset...)

thank you dream!
very nice experience!

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