Friday 19 September 2014

enlarged countries

the geopolitic situation of our world is totally crazy, we all know it.
every country says that it's necessary to wage some new war against some other country in order to keep the peace.
for our security I'm gonna bomb you.

but if the mirage of the inner security gives the right to attack some foreign country, how it would be if a nation would decide to invade all the neighbour countries in order to protect its own borders?
let's see

here you have some example:
this is Brazil if it would expand beyond all its borders conquering the near-by nations:

very similar to the whole south-America!
and what about Chile?

smaller, indeed.
let's change continent and see how China would be:

that's pretty awesome: enlarged China's map is almost the entire Asia, it means that China has borders with almost all Asia!!
and this is how India would be:

let's consider other asian examples: Turkey

or Colombia

or Iran

on the other hand, nations that you can easily imagine they can really invade other countries, as the U.S. or Russia, they generate maps that are not that interesting: the U.S. is simply a map of North America and Russia is very similar to the previous U.S.S.R.

African countries on the contrary are really interesting to see... here you have a multiple map of enlarged countries.

I'm really sorry for the absence of South Sudan.
I created these maps some year ago...

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