Friday 24 October 2014

israel-palestine flag

Israel and Palestine:
two states that are completely incompatible between them.
one exclude the other.
so, their flags represent two opposites, two entities that are not mixing in any moment.
here you have the flags of these two states in the same land:

but if you notice... this situation provokes a sort of paradox:
because the two states don't recognize each other and don't decide how to split the land, they live in the same place, so they are the same...
the hate that divides them constrains them to live together.
so I decided to mix these two flags to underline this paradox, and here it goes the output

islamic israel!

jewish palestina!

so... mixing this two flags is not so absurd as it could seem: it represents a graphic, visual shock because it brings the opposite inside the symbol of the enemy, and also it means: one is inside the other... a sort of yin and yang of war and ethnic hate...

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