Sunday, 1 February 2015

new way to iron shirts?!

don't you know how to iron a shirt?
noooooooo problem
(maybe) you have an easy solution to solve this issue!

just use a radiator! haahaha
if you have a small electrical radiator, switch it on, wait until the temperature is quite warm, and then switch it off.
the radiator is now hot and, if you're lucky, it'd be not so hot to burn your shirt or provoke a fire! haha
now put the dry shirt on the radiator, simply make the radiator wear the shirt!
the result is amazing!
now you have an ironed shirt, without any effort to make it!

ok the pics are not sooooo perfect, and the shirt seems to be not thaaaat ironed....
indeed, I'm not sure this system works...
well, it's also quite dangerous, to tell the truth...
anyway, just don't do it!
it was just a joke!

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