Wednesday, 8 April 2015

growing for ever!

if we consider the growth of the human body from the childhood to the adulthood we're gonna notice a lot of difference in terms of proportions between the different parts and organs.
the head is huge in comparison with the arms when we're children and the legs are going to grow longer and longer year by year.
this is a very well known thing and there are all the parametres to measure these changes of the body during a lifetime.
after the adulthood the body stops its growth and the person is considered finished and well prepared by mother nature.
but what would happen if the body weren't stopping in its growth even after centuries of life?
let's make a stupid (very stupid) graphic analysis:

if we consider the trend of the modifications of our body as the rule for the next changes during 5 centuries of growing life of a man here you have the result: a giant with a proportionally small head, big body, long arms and very long legs!
for sure this is not scientific, but it's funny! hehe
it can be strange to imagine such a man with these proportions, but what about it's height?
same thing: making a simple graphical comparison here you have the result:
after 5 centuries a man would be 3,30 metres tall!

for sure a scientist wouldn't agree with this hypothesis of mine....
well... I'm not a scientist...

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