Saturday 1 February 2014

holy media!

1- in oral tradition the the most holy and powerful thing in the universe was the word!
in the beginning was the word... the word creates worlds and gives sense to reality. the word has power and controls the phenomena.

2- in a second step, when the writing became so important and so powerful, so mighty in the hands of the elite and so magical and incomprehensible for the poor people, the most holy thing in the universe became the book! the holy books written by god started to infest the world.

3- if you see in historical terms the era of new media (not only oral, not only writings) has just been born. but if everything that's the most powerful tool of communication becomes sooner or later the most holy thing in the universe for religions, have we to suppose that the next generations of holy things would be televisions? computers? i-phones? internet? whatsapp?

get ready for the new era: crusades to defend the holy screen of the only real television-show! or something like that.

God Google, you who knowest everything (and who answerest to human beings, thing that is not common for the traditional gods...) please give us the answer to this troubling question!!


...and on the other hand, religions are not wrong when they consider the media to be so important and holy: they are really the creator of the reality as we know it!

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